Automation does exactly what it says on the tin - it allows apps to talk to one another automatically without time consuming human intervention. It's time to let the machines work for you while you get on with the day.

Let's Go
Digital Assistant

A silent (yet powerful) helping hand

Automation by Made Mobile allows accurate and instant transfer of information between applications. Take for example, accounting. When something happens over 'here' (job complete and payment received) an action will happen over 'there' (income appears in your accounting package). Automation possibilities for small business are endless!

Action, Reaction

Communication is key to great business

Get all areas of your business both internal and external communicating instantly and effortlessly. Now is the time to move on from restrictive and time consuming admin tasks. Let your apps talk to each other without human input. Free up time usually spent writing repetitive messages to customers. Focus instead, on growing your business.


Instant Information

Reduce Time

Entering the same information in different places is slow and cumbersome.  Allow your business apps to talk to each other in real time with Made Mobile. We can streamline these simple day-to-day tasks with automation, saving you precious time.

Data Sharing

Reduce Admin

Follow up or thank you emails are an essential part of customer communication. However these messages can consume a considerable amount of admin energy. Made Mobile is here to automate this process, keeping your customers informed and your business efficient!

Data Entry

Reduce Errors

When manually moving, copying or entering data the risk of human error is present. This can create some pretty awkward situations. Keep your company information consistent by letting the robots handle these tasks.

So, how does automation work?

Without getting too technical automation works like this: When something happens in one place (trigger) something will happen in another (action).

Let’s say a customer has just made a booking (trigger) an email will be sent from your business with all the customer’s booking details (action). Simple!

What tasks can be automated?

Practically anything. Seriously, if your business needs to improve workflow between apps or areas of your operation, Made Mobile can help with automation.

The most common areas for automation are: customer messaging, bookkeeping and scheduling.

How do I manage or change my automations?

You don’t. All of Made Mobile’s automation packages come with full technical support. We set up, and monitor, your workflows. If you need to make any changes or add fresh tasks, just get in touch. We’ll be right there to help you.

More Customers

When it comes to building a reputation word of mouth is king. By looking after your customers with automation they’ll be sure to let their mates know how amazing you are!

Less Stress

Remove the shackles of annoying admin and flourish with automation. You may even surprise yourself with what you can achieve with your new-found time!