What makes mobile so important today?

What makes mobile so important today?

Your customers are mobile

The way customers interact with business has changed dramatically. Less people prefer to do the ‘ring around’ and many more are looking for help online, through their phone, in a moment of need. Made Mobile helps your business capture this new breed of customer.

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The Modern Customer

How often do you check your phone?

In today's world our phone has become our lifeline. We never leave the house without it, we use it all day, every day and more importantly, we rely on it in times of need. Whether you are looking for directions, a solution to a problem or need to make a purchase, we are turning to our phones for the answer. These moments can occur anywhere at anytime - at work, on the train, sitting on the couch or when you're out with friends. These are moments of need that lead to purchases. Can your business help a customer in their time of need?

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